Dirty Corner. Versailles.

Once again my work Dirty Corner has become a receptacle for the dirty politics of anti-Semitic vandals, racists and right-wing royalists. The vandalised sculpture now looks like a graveyard, the stones are now gravestones marking the ruinous politics of fundamentalist bigotry. Dirty Corner allows this dirty politics to expose itself fully, in full view for all to see.

At this time, when we need to have compassion for the thousands of refugees on the road in Europe, the anti-Semitic, racist attack on Dirty Corner at Chateau de Versailles in Paris, brings to the forefront the intolerance and racism in our midst.

Dirty Corner has become the vehicle for the expression of our anxiety of "the other" and emphasis that Art is a focus for our deepest longings and fears. It is urgent that we show our solidarity with the oppressed the downtrodden and those of our brothers and sisters in need.

As the artist I have -for the second time- to ask myself what this act of violence means to my work. The sculpture will now carry the scars of this renewed attack. I will not allow this act of violence and intolerance to be erased. Dirty Corner will now be marked with hate and I will preserve these scars as a memory of this painful history. I am determined that Art will triumph.

Anish Kapoor
6 September 2015

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Présidence de la République
Service de Presse

Le Président de la République dénonce fermement la dégradation de l'œuvre d'Anish Kapoor, installée dans le jardin du château de Versailles, qui a été couverte d’inscriptions haineuses et antisémites.

La ministre de la Culture et de la Communication, Fleur Pellerin, s'est rendue sur place cet après-midi et a affirmé que tout serait fait pour identifier les auteurs de ces actes.

Le Président de la République fait part de toute sa solidarité à Anish Kapoor et réaffirme son attachement indéfectible à la liberté de création qui a sa place dans les lieux les plus prestigieux de notre patrimoine.

Le service de presse
Présidence de la République
Paris, le 6 septembre 2015

Dirty Corner 19.06.2015

Château de Versailles 2015