Virtual reality

Recording from Into Yourself–Fall. Music by Ishan Kapoor Produced in collaboration with Acute Art

Stills from 'Into Yourself–Fall'

"Into Yourself, Fall, takes us on a journey through the human body, experiencing the sensation of falling into yourself via this immersive medium. Vertigo as descent inward" AK

Financial Times 23.03.18 "It is commonplace to hear artists declaim their ability to push the boundaries of their chosen genre. But rarely does a technological development signal an entirely new way of expressing art’s traditional concerns. The idea that virtual reality (VR) might play a transformative role in human affairs has been around for several years, but appeared to have stalled recently, hampered by glitches in poorly performing and prohibitively expensive machinery"(more...)

Garage. Vice 12.03.18. "Watch Marina Abramović and Anish Kapoor Take a Dive Deep into VR" (more…)

Flesh (detail)


Archaeology and Biology

Virtual Svayambhu

Ritual Dark